The resource's role and expertise

Le Petit Pont is an autonomous community organization which allows the formation and maintenance of a parent / child relationship in a harmonious, neutral, family environment. It provides parents and children with access rights supervision services, as well as information and support services for families in a situation of separation and conflict.

To support families in a situation of separation and conflict, the Petit Pont has, for several years, provided information workshops and support services to counsel and equip parents and to direct them towards resources according to their needs. No references are required to obtain these services. Parents act on a voluntary basis.

The interests of the child are the organization’s the top priority. That is why we make a point of establishing a safe environment, in collaboration with professionals in the field.

The right of access is a legally recognized right that parents are entitled to have access to their children. This right is shared between the custodial parent (or the person assuming the day-to-day responsibility of the child) and the other parent.

Access rights supervision services are of an exceptional and transitional nature. They are only accorded in situations requiring supervision and accompaniment, especially during supervised visits and child custody exchanges. These services are used by parents following an order of the Superior Court or the Quebec Court Youth Division where the exercise of a right of access to children is interrupted, difficult or conflicting.

Parents may also present themselves on a voluntary basis, as long as each agrees to receive the services of the Petit Pont. No mediation or negotiation is done by the organization.

When clients are referred by the Superior Court, access rights supervision resources, such as Petit Pont, must ensure that the judgment is respected while taking into account the establishment’s own mandate and availability.

Youth Protection may also require the services of the organization. The role of Petit Pont is to observe the parent-child relationship in relation to the objectives established by Youth Protection for these families. These objectives can be, for example, to coach or support the parent in terms of parenting skills.

The organization has its own internal rules and regulations in order to respect its mandates of neutrality, protection and observation.

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