Requesting a supervised visit at Petit Pont

If you are ... a professional who refers a parent

The professional referring a parent or child is generally a Youth Protection worker or a lawyer representing a parent or child in Superior Court.

To make a request for services, the professional must contact the organization, either by phone at 1 866-773-2225 or

Room rental possibility: for professionals only, and for a fee, it is possible to rent one of our rooms. Supervision is then becomes the responsibility of the professional.

If you are ... a parent

The parent contacts the organization to open a service request. . The organization then contacts the other parent to validate the request for service. In Superior Court cases, the parent or referring party must provide a copy of the court order, if applicable.

A schedule is then proposed to both parties. When an agreement on the schedule is reached, the opening of a file is planned in order to meet with both parents separately and sign the contract agreement. The signing of the contract implies that the parents agree to respect the organization's terms and regulations. Services can then begin.

To place a request for service, please provide your name and contact information:


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