Conduct of a supervised visit

  • The visiting parent arrives 15 minutes before the arrival of the child. The child is brought by the custodial parent, the host family or an individual appointed by the youth protection authority.
  • The supervised visit is a special time during which the parent is in contact with the child. During this period, the parent is responsible for the child's needs, activities, discipline, etc.
  • During the visit, the visitation monitor remains in constant visual and auditory contact with the family and intervenes only if necessary.
  • The visit has a maximum duration of two hours according to the agreed terms and the availability of the organization’s resources.
  • There is one visitation monitor assigned per family.
  • The parent and child may refer to the visitation monitor, if necessary. Depending on the case, the visitation monitor may assist the parent in matters concerning parenting skills.
  • No contact between parents occurs during supervised visits



As the child is the organizations first concern, he/she may refer to the visitation monitor at any time.

How to explain a supervised visit to a child :

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