Supervised visits

What is a supervised visit?

These are meetings between the child and the parent on the premises of ourf organization, in the presence of a visitation monitor in order to allow the resumption of contact or the maintenance of the parent-child bond. The service is also available for grandparents or siblings.

Who can use the services?

The supervised visit service is used by parents (or grandparents) following an order of the Superior Court, the Youth Court, or on a voluntary basis, where the right of access to the child is interrupted, difficult or a source of conflict.

Conduct of a supervised visit

  • The visiting parent arrives 15 minutes before the arrival of the child. The child is brought by the custodial parent, the host family or an individual appointed by the youth protection authority.
  • The supervised visit is a special time during which the parent is in contact with the child. During this period, the parent is responsible for the child's needs, activities, discipline, etc.
  • During the visit, the visitation monitor remains in constant visual and auditory contact with the family and intervenes only if necessary.
  • The visit has a maximum duration of two hours according to the agreed terms and the availability of the organization’s resources.
  • There is one visitation monitor assigned per family.
  • The parent and child may refer to the visitation monitor, if necessary. Depending on the case, the visitation monitor may assist the parent in matters concerning parenting skills.
  • No contact between parents occurs during supervised visits



As the child is the organizations first concern, he/she may refer to the visitation monitor at any time.

How to explain a supervised visit to a child :

Fees and duration of service

Consult the organization's fee schedule

Duration: The maximum duration of a supervised visit is 2 hours.

Waiting period

Due to an increasing demand, parents may experience a delay before being able to use the services of our establishment

A family with more availability may encounter a shorter waiting time than a family waiting for a fixed time slot.

Supervised visit regulations

  • Privacy policy

At Petit Pont, personal information provided by a user is confidential and is only used by the organization to offer its services. It cannot be disclosed without the consent of the person concerned. Written authorization is required for any exchange of information with referring parties or any other person (see regulations for details).

Requesting a supervised visit at Petit Pont

If you are ... a professional who refers a parent

The professional referring a parent or child is generally a Youth Protection worker or a lawyer representing a parent or child in Superior Court.

To make a request for services, the professional must contact the organization, either by phone at 1 866-773-2225 or

Room rental possibility: for professionals only, and for a fee, it is possible to rent one of our rooms. Supervision is then becomes the responsibility of the professional.

If you are ... a parent

The parent contacts the organization to open a service request. . The organization then contacts the other parent to validate the request for service. In Superior Court cases, the parent or referring party must provide a copy of the court order, if applicable.

A schedule is then proposed to both parties. When an agreement on the schedule is reached, the opening of a file is planned in order to meet with both parents separately and sign the contract agreement. The signing of the contract implies that the parents agree to respect the organization's terms and regulations. Services can then begin.

To place a request for service, please provide your name and contact information:


Request for an observation report

Two types of reports are available on request

  • Observation report: A document containing a record of the events observed during supervised visits or custody exchanges over a given period of time.
  • Chronological report: A document in which lists the dates of the services that took place or were canceled

Observation reports are written in French only.

Fees and delivery time

To obtain a report, anticipate a maximum delay of 2 weeks from receipt of payment, in a ccordance with the organization’s table of fees.


The conduct of supervised visits is confidential and the content of the observation report can only be disclosed to parents and referring authorities.

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