Frequently asked questions

  • Is the visitation monitor in the same room as the family or behind glass?

The visitation monitor is always in the same room as the family members during supervised visits.

  • Can the supervised visits take place outside of the Petit Pont facilitie

Supervised visits take place solely on the Petit Pont premises

  • Is it necessary to have a court order to take advantage of Petit Pont’s services?

No it isn’t. Families can obtain these services on a voluntary basis when there is an agreement between the two parents.

  • Can the services be without charge if the parents are unemployed?

No, a payment by the parents is required. (See the table of fees)

  • Does the organization serve a single territory?

The organization serves the Quebec territory.

  • Do the parents see each other during supervised visits and custody exchanges?

No, there is no contact between parents. The arrival and departure times are different for each parent.

  • Can Petit Pont provide transportation for the families?

No, the organization does not make transportation arrangements. Clients must provide their own transportation.

  • Can the monitors check the child car seats in the vehicles during the supervised custody exchanges.

No, the monitors remain on the organization’s premises. However, if the judgment specifies that the parents must show the child's car seat to the monitor during a custody exchange, the monitor will ensure that the parents show it to him/her on their arrival at Petit Pont.

  • What happens if a parent doesn’t show up at Petit Pont for a custody exchange and cannot be contacted?

The other parent is immediately notified of the parent's delay and subsequent absence. The exchange of custody is therefore canceled and he/she asked to come and pick up the child. If no parent or person on file in the case of an emergency, is able to come for the child the organization reserves the right to call the youth protection authorities.

  • Does Petit Pont provide snacks and meals?

No, it is the parent’s responsibility to provide meals and snacks.

  • What sort of activities can take place during the supervised visits?

The organization provides toys and games for all ages but the child’s parent is also free to bring   things if so desired.

  • Can the custodial parent attend the supervised visits?

With an authorization signed by the two lawyers on file, the custodial parent can attend a few encounters in accordance with the needs of the child.

  • Who pays the costs?

The costs are determined through an agreement between the parents or the referring agency. The Petit Pont organization cannot determine how the costs are shared.

  • A Youth protection services representative keeps track of my file. Can I nevertheless request the Petit Pont services?

The youth protection services representative must authorize the request before the services can be provided.

  • My child lives in the Montérégie region and I live in Ontario. Can I make a service request?

Yes, Petit Pont offers its services without territorial restriction.

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