For the children

Parent informed, child prepared

These workshops help explain the separation to children 7 to 12 years of age and to recognize emotions and express them. The children are also given little tricks to help them feel better.

Parents, on the other hand, explore the emotions associated with a separation in order to develop attitudes that facilitate the adjustment to their separation and that of their child.

Procedure: the parent comes to the establishment with his/her child, and each participates in a separate 1 hour workshop. Then they get back together for about fifteen minutes, so that the children can show their parents what they have done (DIY, activities, songs, etc.)

Parents who registers for this workshop with their child agree to participate in 3 sessions of 1:30, given two weeks apart.

Duration: 3 sessions of 1h30- FREE- At Saint-Hyacinthe only

The objectives:

  • Identifying the stages of separation and the emotions experienced
  • Identifying emotions and understanding how they express themselves
  • Winning tips and attitudes for the child in a separation context

Offered in French only.

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