The principles on which the access rights services are based

The safety of the child

This form of safety applies both physically and psychologically and takes various forms; among other things, by the presence of a monitor in constant auditory and visual contact with the child and his / her parent.

The monitors possess a college or university education, access rights services training and first aid qualification. In addition, the organization has an emergency protocol, a first aid kit, posters on food allergies and regulations concerning its code of non-violence.


Le Petit Pont offers its services in a neutral context, that is to say, a place other than the parents' home where there is no prejudice or interpretation, and where everyone is treated in a fair and equal manner.

Provide services of an exceptional and transitional nature

Services are part of a framework that is intended to be temporary and constantly evolving. The organization acts as a stepping stone for parents who, as far as possible, must move towards other approaches concerned with the well-being and safety of the child outside the walls of the organization.

An environment that is similar to that of a family

The premises are suitable for all ages. They allow the rediscovery of a daily routine (kitchen, playroom, gym) and reduce the stresses of a supervised environment.


Le coin des jeunes

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